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A closed think-thank for wishcraft in progress

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July 7th, 2009

kbreen @ 01:10 am: My current "scanner" interests
Please let me know if this post is not relevant to this group!

I'm looking for a job in the mental health (non-clinical) field. I'm also planning on running a self-discovery course at a nearby neighbourhood house. I also recently attended a "Natural Neighbourhoods - Real Communities" course, and would like to talk with some of my neighbours and/or some of the local neighbourhood/community houses about starting up some groups, such as a "sharehood" by which people can borrow items such as tools, lawnmowers etc from their neighbours, or a "street by street" programme which is a register by which people can share in helping elderly neighbours with small tasks. There have been other things that I spoke with people about at this conference, which I could elaborate on in another post.

In addition, I am still trying to look into joining an online success team, or better still, starting one up here in Melbourne, Australia. I am about to email the two success team leaders in Melbourne, and may consider buying the kit to become a leader myself!

I am also interested in learning a bit about Life Coaching, and could possibly use some Life Coaching ideas in keywork with mental health clients. Also have had the idea of perhaps keeping a written record of my thoughts in relation to a friendship which may have ended - tracing backwards, and comparing notes on where I am going, to where I have come from.

July 4th, 2009

izmeina @ 07:16 pm: Wicked Wishcraft
A quick squiggle just to let folks know that while we're all presently in the zombie deep freeze, we are not quite dead yet and simply need an excuse to put off procrastinating and get back to the scheduled programming

Izzie today has just visited the most gorgeous organic garden created by a woman as a form of therapy after being diagnosed with breast cancer. If she could do such amazing things while suffering from tiredness and the countless nasty effects of chemo and radiotherapy, then Izzie has got absolutely no excuse whatsoever for lounging about and being a lazy lurking python

It's time to dust off the cobwebs and crawl out of the vault

November 14th, 2007

max_und_moritz @ 06:16 pm: Stylesearch, Chapter Three (the bat´s answers)
Link to the batcave, also under Concealment Charms

izmeina @ 10:32 pm: Chapter 3 Stylesearch
Welcome to the Lair of the Emerald Serpent

Enter if you dare! (Protected by Fidelius Charms and rather ravenous pot bellied pythons)

November 7th, 2007

max_und_moritz @ 06:23 pm: Wishcraft, Chapter Two: The Environment That Creates Winners (link to my Lj, for wishcrafters only.)

October 13th, 2007

izmeina @ 11:50 pm: Bloomin' Marvellous
An old interview with Izzie's Pin Up Poster Boy

Will do our proper post on Tuesday - the perfect job for a procrastinating python

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