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A closed think-thank for wishcraft in progress

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max_und_moritz @ 09:52 am:

Books by Barbara Sher:

"Wishcraft" (A must-read. I´d recommend starting with this one, it´s got the overall theory from goals to actual results so it´s a good basis to keep motivated enough to do all the exercises in the next book, which is its hands-on practical counterpart, without giving up halfway)

"Live the Life You Love: In Ten Easy Step-By Step Lessons" (A must-read. I´d read it right after "Wishcraft", while the theory´s still fresh in your mind. Excellent and quite self-revealing exercises, all of them!)

"It´s Only Too Late If You Don´t Start Now" (gave it to Mum and read it first; it´s useful if you´re deep in a midlife crisis à la "OMG I wasted my best years in the wrong job/relationship/choices and threw away my real dreams, now my life´s over and there´ll be no second chance".)

"Refuse To Choose! Use All of Your Interests, Passions, and Hobbies to Create the Life and Career of Your Dreams" (I´m browsing it right now and it´s useful if you have so many different interests you can´t even start to sort it all out for yourself, otherwise it´s okay, but not groundbreaking.)

"I Could Do Anything I Want If Only I Knew What It Was" (haven´t read it yet, the blurb makes it sound like a combo of "Wishcraft" and "Live The Life You Want In Ten Easy Lessons")

Link to Sher´s official site and bulletin board:


Bulletin board

Other resources:

Here´s another book suggestion worth perusing (by a different author), especially for a successful "Clear Decks For Action" part:

"Organising From The Inside Out", by Julie Morgenstern (I read this one and would recommend it to ANYBODY with a clutter problem at home, at work or at their hobby place, either of things or of activities. I´m a neatness freak and still learned plenty of useful tricks. Morgenstern also wrote "Time Management From The Inside Out" following the same practical system she suggested in "OFTIO" which is also quite good.)

Anything else you can suggest we can add here, to have it all handy! I don´t know how to pin this post on top, so I´ll just link to it in the comm´s profile page and the sidebar under "Homepage", is that OK?

NOTE: There seems to be no privacy/members only features for comms - dang. OK, then I´ll post my entries filtered in my own journal so only wishcraft members can see it (i.e. you) and post the link to each here, until I figure out how to make the privacy feature work here, too!


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Date:October 5th, 2007 03:33 pm (UTC)

Big Bad Books

Izzie has read "I could do anything ....."
Fun and inspiring but not quite in the same league as the first two

There's some very good exercises on the work front. The job from hell is a pretty good one. Nice to find some one who appreciates that negativity has got its place too - in this case being a sneaky way to find out what you do want by comparing it to the opposite

Will keep in mind the book for conquering clutter but will resist the temptation to read more and more about decluttering instead of actually getting out and DOING it. So far 'Toss ten things' is working just fine.

PS Thanks for setting all this up. It's so interesting and inspiring to be able to share ideas
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Date:October 7th, 2007 06:40 pm (UTC)

Re: Big Bad Books

Oh yeah, the job from hell was such a great "think out of the box" argument towards finding one´s true goals, it made me laugh because I often wade in job-pity instead of thinking just how much more lousy it could be - or how it depends on me to go out and find something better!

Ha ha, yes, toss ten things is a good start... OK, then I know what to send you next either for Christmas or your birthday or in-between!

Tomorrow Monday I´ll start posting about Chapter One of "Wishcraft", is that ok ? I have to complete my little "imaginary cheerleading squad" photo gallery, but it´s going to be very nice, and I´ll print them out in colour full-sized and paste them on the wall around my monitor ;)
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Date:October 20th, 2007 02:19 pm (UTC)

Artists Anonymous

In case the Bat is interested in ideas from a sneak and a thief

This community in Insanejournal is based on "The Artist's Way" book

There's a sort of religious and almost Alcoholics Anonymous feel to it and 'honouring your inner child' sort of twaddle but there is also an element of practicality - along the lines of "Stop dreaming and start doing"

But at least you'll get a feel of what sort of exercises are in the book. Some are good - especially those snatched from "Wishcraft" (without acknowledgment of any sort) and some are plain self indulgent and silly

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