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A closed think-thank for wishcraft in progress

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kbreen @ 01:10 am: My current "scanner" interests
Please let me know if this post is not relevant to this group!

I'm looking for a job in the mental health (non-clinical) field. I'm also planning on running a self-discovery course at a nearby neighbourhood house. I also recently attended a "Natural Neighbourhoods - Real Communities" course, and would like to talk with some of my neighbours and/or some of the local neighbourhood/community houses about starting up some groups, such as a "sharehood" by which people can borrow items such as tools, lawnmowers etc from their neighbours, or a "street by street" programme which is a register by which people can share in helping elderly neighbours with small tasks. There have been other things that I spoke with people about at this conference, which I could elaborate on in another post.

In addition, I am still trying to look into joining an online success team, or better still, starting one up here in Melbourne, Australia. I am about to email the two success team leaders in Melbourne, and may consider buying the kit to become a leader myself!

I am also interested in learning a bit about Life Coaching, and could possibly use some Life Coaching ideas in keywork with mental health clients. Also have had the idea of perhaps keeping a written record of my thoughts in relation to a friendship which may have ended - tracing backwards, and comparing notes on where I am going, to where I have come from.


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Date:July 7th, 2009 12:05 pm (UTC)

Greenest Greetings from the Wild West

Welcome to the Vault. Those cobwebs sure need dusting
It's a bit dead in here lately. Been concentrating more on the Mission 101 project. There's a livejournal community for that and Izzie has got a list
This site began life as a convenient online space to work through the exercises in some of the Barbara Sher books. They really are quite fun and fascinating. But like in most of life, other things get in the way and the best of intentions is usually not enough motivation to keep a thing going once distractions get in the way. Resistance is a scary many headed monster
And Barbara Sher is one of the very few self improvement writers who even admits the existence of resistance let alone inventing strategies to sneak around it

Guess you've already read the chapters in barnstorming in "Wishcraft" One of the many things that makes Barbara Sher so different than the usual writers of self help books is that she recognizes that other people are most important indeed in achieving personal goals. People can work together and learn from each other instead of each one reinventing the wheel all alone

Can't help with ideas for success teams or life coaching but the Izzie has just finished a fascinating and fun 8 week course called Living Smart
A sort of neighbourhood group for greenies you could say

Do take a peek. It might be the sort of thing that would interest you
Living Smart

Date:July 7th, 2009 09:01 pm (UTC)

Re: Greenest Greetings from the Wild West

Can I join the 101 lj community? I did a 101 list a few years ago on lj, but didn't keep it up.
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Date:July 8th, 2009 12:30 pm (UTC)

Re: Greenest Greetings from the Wild West

Yessss. Anyone can join but it does help to have a list
Mission 101
Izzie is already more than 750 days into the 1001 with rather less than the 75 goals accomplished that would be necessary to stay on schedule but still with a lot more achieved than without the list
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